People and deceit 

Why is it you can tell a person something who you would call a friend I suppose just to discover shortly after how little they really care?

Everyone has there troubles some with deep dark secrets but you should be able to go to and trust the people who you’ve grown up around right? 

To get up the courage to go ‘yes I’m going to tell this person today’ to open up about the troubles within to then have them forget or just not hear from them since. This was just a person crying out for some kind of help or just support to know you can turn to them.

I sure as hell have learnt some things about a few people but the key is to eliminate those that bring negativity and only let people in you know have your back and ones that would be there no matter what. 

The most deceitful are the ones you trust most, the ones you thought you could tell everything to the ones that where there through the dark 

You will never know whether a person is true until you take the plunge and await the outcome no matter what that may be.


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