Dieting and weight

In September 2014 I was 6 stone heavier than I am now. What I have learnt in the past few months is when your heavier nobody tells you to lose weight, nobody watches what you eat, if you skip the fast food at the end of a night out nobody batters an eye lid.

I lost the weight mostly by changing my eating habits. Weight watchers is amazing. Didn’t excercise as much as I should of probably the reason I’m not very toned. 

Now I’m around 10 stone and between an 8 and a 10 depending where you buy from (maybe a 6 if I was to go primark) and I’ve had a lot of comments over my weight.

My birthday in September last year a friend I hadn’t seen in a year asked how I lost the weight and if I don’t eat. At the end of the night when eating some nuggets and chips I couldn’t finish it and wasn’t enjoying it purely because I’d drank that much. I had a friend watching me and shaking her head as if to say see you don’t eat. If I didn’t eat I wouldn’t of bought it in the first place would I?

I went on holiday with a different friend and her mum. I kept getting comments from her mum like ‘skinny minny’ and ‘you can’t eat a lot’ I’ve also constantly had my mum checking to see if I’ve eaten and not believing when I say I have. 

Tonight when talking about bmi with a friend I said I’m to scared to weight myself at the min as I’ve eaten loads of rubbish recently and I got a remark like ‘you’re pretty skinny, you’re probably under weight’ 

Why is it people feel they can say these kinda of things and act the way they do? If I was still obese no one would say anything? I for one am getting pretty sick of it. I can’t win. 


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