Diet and Eating disorders

Hello. It’s been a while. Currently going through a fair amount of shit. I lost 6 stone as you know through weight watchers but after losing all that weight I had people call me ‘skinny minny’ and watch me eat and get comments like ‘ you can’t eat a lot’ but the thing i then gained a stone and over the past 5 and a half months I’ve been dealing with bulimia. When you’re thinner people just presume that you’ve got some problem but I’ve gained a stone and a half again through this problem. I get pains in my bones, I have sore teeth, I’m cold all the time, I’m tired all the time, I barely leave my bed for weeks on end but nobody notices I’m not ok why because they see me fetch food? Even my mum used to say things lik you look very thin when I was healthier but she’s since told me I look better now when that couldn’t be further from the truth there are 2 people that know what’s going on the love of my life who doesn’t love me and is marrying someone else when he cheated there whole relationship and my new doctor. The guys decided to stop talking to me and pretend he’s sold his phone and he can only message me occasional by email. This is a lie but he’s all I got so I guess I’ll just wait till he wants to talk to me. I’ve gone a bit off topic this wasn’t supposed to be about him anyway the real question is how do people just think you’re not well when you lost a lot of weight but when you’re fatter they don’t worry or think anythings wrong what so every?

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