Parents and favourites 

At 11.30 this morning I asked my mum if she could take me to Asda so I could get something I need for tonight she said no because there having dinner. At 1.05 she took my brother out probably to the gym which is next door to Asda. Didn’t even tell me just went. I’m seriously sick of being the only person in the world that doesn’t matter to anyone like everyone comes before me. There’s not a sole that i’m important to. I try to make everyone happy but who even cares about my happiness? No one! Sometimes I really do wonder who would miss me if I wasn’t here. No Ines noticed I’m in pain n fucked a rib or something because I haven’t seen people in days. Nobody has noticed I throw up everything I eat even though I’m incredibly loud. Why does no one care? Why am I just not important to anyone? Even friends I don’t see a sole for months on end because no one wants to spend time with me. I’m just some worthless person that no one seems to care about. I lie alone in my room all the time even days that are supposed to be important Ones like my birthday or new year I just spend alone. I think it’s time I just vanish. I don’t want to exist. Maybe it’s time I end it….

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